Vision & Mission

Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar came into existence in July 22, 2008, inheriting the brand name IIT. This fact itself charges the Institute not only to be worthy of its inheritance but also to be distinctive and distinguished on its own by scripting a path towards novelties. Presented below are the statements for Vision, Mission, Goals & Strategies (to achieve the Goals) and the Core Values of IIT Bhubaneswar.


“We will be a highly respected Institute in the world for our distinctive knowledge”


  1. To shape ourselves into a learning community where we work, listen and respect each other.
  2. To encourage and facilitate faculty, researchers and students to work synergistically across discipline boundaries.
  3. To infuse a sense of excitement in students in innovation & invention, design & creation and entrepreneurship.
  4. To develop and pursue curricula those are dynamic, flexible and holistically designed to facilitate creativity and cognitive thinking.
  5. To strive for productive partnership between the industry and the Institute.

Goals and Strategies

  1. Promoting globally competitive academic programs and ambience that support intellectual growth and skill acquisition.
    • Promote skills to critically analyze and the competency to effectively synthesize and apply new knowledge in curriculum development and delivery.
    • Address the changing needs of the region, state, nation and world in the learning process.
    • Create a diverse, fully-engaged, learner-centric campus environment.
    • Strengthen the national and international competitiveness of the students by facilitating international internships, industrial project opportunities, student exchange and study abroad participation.
    • Put equal emphasis on discovery science and solution science.
    • Bring research into class rooms.
  2. Expanding world-class interdisciplinary research and scholarly endeavours.
    • Promote distinctive research programs that address the real life as well as futuristic issues.
    • Strengthen integrated and synergistic interdisciplinary research within and across the various Schools.
    • Broaden and strengthen the Institute’s research base and support infrastructure by engaging with partners from all sectors of the economy.
    • Create a talent pool of world-class faculty members, postdoctoral fellows, doctoral and post-graduate students.
    • Create an excellent support staff structure and regularly upgrade their competencies.
    • Evolve itself into a repository of intellectual properties and prototypes on a globally competitive basis.
  3. Strengthening and providing support in sustaining a healthy society by improving the quality of life through application of technology.
    • Establish an institutional structure to facilitate and promote community engagement and societal enterprise.
    • Include community engagements into the Institute’s promotional guidelines.
    • Encourage and reward faculty and students’ efforts in community development. Acknowledge efforts and gains in official statements and transcripts.
  4. Establishing a strong and sustainable economic base for the Institute.
    • Encourage and facilitate sponsored projects, consultancy and technology transfer for creating a sound corpus.
    • Utilize brand value for attracting endowment for sponsored chairs and scholarships.
    • Support entrepreneurial endeavours especially in commercializing emerging technologies evolved out of the Institute labs through public private partnership.
  5. Building up a healthy and robust IIT Bhubaneswar family.
    • Promote and sustain a positive working environment and maintain a significantly improved service quality.
    • Improve staff support through expanding professional development opportunities.
    • Perform Institute’s corporate social responsibilities with utmost sincerity.
    • Nourish and sustain vibrant co- and extra-curricular activities.
    • Create an ambience for bonding through equity, trust and mutual respect.

Core Values

  1. Respecting students as budding engineers and scientists embarking on a journey towards innovation and invention.
  2. Nurturing freedom of thought and expression and encouraging sense of inquiry. 
  3. Empowering each person to rise to his/her full potential.
  4. Respecting the opinions and rights of others.
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