Research & Development

From Dean's Desk

IIT Bhubaneswar has been spearheading its R&D portfolio with the mission ‘to be globally competitive, yet locally relevant’. In this 10 th decadal year, the R&D effort by the Institute may be summarized with two simple parameters: 200+ ongoing research projects, INR 1 billion fund inflow. Behind these numbers lies the zeal of 100+ faculty members and their team of research/project scholars to contribute to new scientific knowledge and deliver new technology towards national growth. En route to this journey, these research teams have been forging alliance with many national and international academic/research institutes, funding organizations and industries. The output of their endeavour is scripted in high impact publications, patents and technology transfer. Most importantly, an eco-system has developed where the IITBBS teams are winning the trust of industries far and wide. We are marching ahead to the next decade with stronger commitment to our R&D goal.

Prof. Sujit Roy

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