Research & Development

Iteration of Translated tangent

Iteration of a meromorphic function with a single essential singularity is very rich as a dynamical system. We consider the map T_λ: z → λ + tan z on the complex plane. The set of points ..

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Measurement of CP asymmetry in the D0 to K0S K0S decay at Belle

Although Big Bang should have created equal amounts of matter and antimatter in the early universe, what we see around us is made almost entirely of matter. This leads to the inference that something must have happened to cause ..

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Design of Optimized Natural Laminar Flow Aerofoil for Transport Aircrafts

In this research project, newly designed natural laminar flow aerofoils are optimized for higher lift to drag ratio which have possible applications in the transport aircrafts..

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Simulation of Conjugate Heat Transfer in Laser-Tissue interaction

The major objective of this project is to develop a model for accurate estimation of thermal damage in the healthy tissue region while a tumor tissue is being treated by a repetitive collimated short pulse laser beam..

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Development of an Integrated Zero Energy Modular System for the Treatment of Rural Domestic Wastewater

In a developing country like India, providing reliable and affordable wastewater treatment facilities in rural areas are a huge challenge. With the aim of enhancing the nutrient ..

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Macrophyte assisted vermifilter (MAVF) to treat wastewater

Macrophyte assisted vermifilter (MAVF) is a bio-oxidative process in which detritivore earthworms interact symbiotically with microorganisms and other soil fauna to degrade organic contaminants present in wastewater..

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Development of structural lightweight concrete

School of Infrastructure at IIT Bhubaneswar actively works on the development of structural lightweight concrete using sintered fly ash aggregate. The researcehrs have developed a new and reliable mix design ..

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