The institute celebrates Indian Independence Day on 15th August and Republic Day on 26th January every year. The national flag is hoisted by the Director in presence of guard of honour and march-past by the contingent of institute security guards. Students sing patriotic songs and there are cultural programs by institute members.
Independence Day Celebrations                                                                                   Republic Day Celebrations
73rd Independence Day, 2019      Report    Photo Gallery                                           
72nd Independence Day, 2018      Report    Photo Gallery                                           70th Republic Day, 2019                    Report    Photo Gallery 
71st Independence Day, 2017       Report    Photo Gallery                                           69th Republic Day, 2018                    Report    Photo Gallery
70th Independence Day, 2016       Report    Photo Gallery                                           68th Republic Day, 2017                    Report    Photo Gallery
69th Independence Day, 2015       Report    Photo Gallery                                           67th Republic Day, 2016                    Report    Photo Gallery
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