School of Mechanical Sciences

Welcome to School of Mechanical Sciences

The School of Mechanical Sciences at IIT Bhubaneswar endeavors to be both globally competent and locally relevant. The School offers B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering), Dual Degree B.Tech- M.Tech (Mechanical Systems Design and Thermal Science Engineering), M.Tech. (Mechanical Systems Design and Thermal Science Engineering) and Ph.D. programs. The thrust areas of the School include Energy & Environment, Advanced Manufacturing, Autonomous Robotics, Product Design and Agricultural automation. The faculty members of the School are also involved in basic research in their own areas of specialization while also coming together to blend their shared expertise in creating technologies, products and processes that will enrich both the national and local economy. The School sees its role in nation building via three important avenues of contribution – building of human, knowledge and wealth capital through creation of comprehensive idea-to-industry cycle.


Our Faculty

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