Alma Fiesta 2019

IIT Bhubaneswar Organized Alma Fiesta, Annual Socio Cultural Fest from 11-13 January 2019

It gives us immense pleasure to welcome you all to Alma Fiesta, the Annual Socio-Cultural Fest of IIT Bhubaneswar. The Fest will take place from 11-13 January 2019 at our green, serene and beautiful campus.

The Inaugural program will commence at 3:00 pm on 11th January 2019, Friday, at the community centre. The Chief guest for the evening is Shree Bishnupada Sethi, Secretary of Higher Education Department, Govt. of Odisha who is also a noted poet.

12th and 13th January will offer a plethora of activities including music, sketching, dance, drama, debates, rangoli, and kite-flying. I welcome all the students, members of faculty and staff to participate in these colourful events with their families.

Join us to make this a successful and memorable event.

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